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Site Last Updated:  Wednesday April 23rd 2014 - 9.47 a.m.

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The best of Wednesday's weather will be to the east of the UK, with the west entertaining heavy showers.  First light on Wednesday, and generally not a bad picture, essentially dry, with some sunshine to the the east and south east.   As the morning progresses, heavy showers spread into the west, and from there the rain makes a disorderly advance across much of the UK, mixed in with some drier and brighter conditions.  The far east and south east will hold onto the dry and often sunny weather until late in the day, in fact, it may well be deep into the evening before the rain finally arrives here.  Temperature wise, 17 or 18 Celsius Wednesday's high during the afternoon sunshine.

Wednesday April 23rd 2014


As much of the UK workforce returns to work after their Easter break, thoughts will already be turning to the remainder of the week and weekend.  Sadly, showers look set to dominate throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with probably the worst of it all on Tuesday, easing back somewhat to a more even mix of sunshine and showers for Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday at present offers the best start to a day but even here, showers won't be too far away as hours pass.  For the weekend, little comfort as we approach the final third of spring, remaining showery.  Beyond the weekend instability continues to reign, so expect no let up this side of May when perhaps a repair schedule gets underway to reinstate some fine weather.  Until then, showers, cool, and breezy.

Tuesday April 22nd 2014


Easter Sunday saw a few thunderstorms rattle across the southern half of UK, and for Bank Holiday Monday, a similar situation is developing.  For this afternoon, evening, and first part of the night, conditions are once again conducive for the formation of some hefty, thundery downpours, with much of Wales, plus southern and central England at risk.  Flash flooding is a possibility but on balance, probably more thundery activity with a low percentage of total rain.  A similar pattern may well form again during Tuesday daytime.

Monday April 21st 2014


After a good run of spring weather which seen the UK bask in lengthy spells of spring sunshine coupled at times with warm temperatures, the remainder of April looks more of a mix, with showers breaking up any attempt to knit together more than just a couple of fine days.  Once we dispense with the rain across the south on Easter Sunday, Bank Holiday Monday doesn't look at all bad, essentially dry with just a small number of isolated showers. Tuesday and Wednesday look likely to produce a sunshine and showers scenario, with perhaps a drier picture for all but the far north west on Thursday.  Friday sees the rain perhaps becoming more widespread before a showery weekend awaits.  A fair week temperature wise, in the 60's F for most of the time, so at least mild with the showers.

Sunday April 20th 2014