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Easter 2014


High pressure very much in charge on Good Friday, delivering a stunning day nationwide.  A touch of frost likely into the morning on Good Friday, accompanied by a crisp chill, but once the sun rises, temperatures lift and ahead, a lovely spring day with plenty of sunshine.  For much of Britain, the sun looks likely to shine from dawn until dusk, with a clear night to follow into Saturday.  Temperatures don't quite ignite but with light winds, it will feel pleasant enough during the afternoon, with a maximum of 16 Celsius not out of the question.  Saturday looks likely to follow suit with again plenty of dry weather around accompanied by some good, lengthy spells of sunshine.  To the far north along coastal regions though, some rain on Saturday at times.  Easter Sunday sees the north fairing distinctly better than the south.

Friday April 18th 2014


After a lovely run of days with abundant sunshine, cloud puts the mockers on affairs for Thursday.  However, there will be pockets of resistance both to the far north and far south.  The initial brightness will be to the south chiefly along coastal regions, with virtually everywhere else cloudy.  England and Wales will be largely dry at this point bar the northern fringes of England, with showers more readily breaking out across Scotland and Northern Ireland.  As the day progresses cloud will replace the sunshine to the south, (watch for a shower or two, possibly heavy), with the turn of the places that earlier saw rain to the north, now seeing some pleasant sunshine.  17 or 18 Celsius at best on Thursday to the south east, elsewhere comfortably into double figures with maybe a touch of frost in the glens overnight.  A breezy day for all areas with a keen north westerly developing, gale to strong gale force across the extremities to the north east.

Thursday April 17th 2014


Easter still looks like being a mix of weather but in that mix, some decent drier weather, so at least if the emphasis is on getting out and about, that shouldn't be badly hampered.  Good Friday and Saturday both look essentially dry across Northern Ireland, England, and Wales with some sunshine at times, showers for Scotland.  The showers don't look too troublesome so even even, some good, drier spells of weather.  Saturday looks more or less the same with the showers continuing to the north, drier elsewhere.  Low pressure to the south on Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday may well spoil affairs with some rain, although the extent and reach is in question.  However, to the north, better weather here.  Temperature wise, early to mid teens at best across the four days.

Wednesday April 16th 2014


High pressure affords another glorious day across much of the UK on Tuesday, with for a good many places, sunshine from dawn until dusk.  Following on from a decent Sunday and Monday, this is really is British spring-time at its best, and with generally light winds, feeling pleasant in the afternoon sunshine with a good number of areas hitting the middle teens.  Wednesday sees England and Wales hold on to the the sunshine but for Scotland and Northern Ireland, a very different day, overcast with showers, as the cracks begin to set in.  Thursday and Friday whilst chiefly dry to the south will see much more in the way of cloud, and at this stage, Saturday should also fall under the wing of settled weather for most, before Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday herald potentially wholesale change. 

Tuesday April 15th 2014


A fair run this week but still the threat of showers as we go into Easter.  So, for Monday and Tuesday, high pressure in charge to deliver back to back dry days with some decent spells of sunshine for much of the country.  By Wednesday, low pressure makes in-roads to the north and north west, bringing showers here, but for the rest of the UK, remaining settled.  Thursday looks like following a similar pattern, rain hemmed into the north, before it all gets a bit distorted with the potential for more widespread showers for Good Friday and into the weekend.  That said, there will be some drier weather around and it may well turn out to be a generally mixed affair with honours even by Tuesday.  The widely touted wintry mayhem has been heavily overplayed and at this stage, seems little more than a minor threat.

Sunday April 13th 2014