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Site Last Updated:  Saturday July 26th 2014 - 10.43 a.m.

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A not quite so subtle change to the weather on Saturday, but away from the north west, it's another dry and warm day.  Plenty of fine weather around to start the weekend and for much of England and Wales, despite an increasing amount of cloud as the day develops, it will stay dry, with the south east holding on to the sunshine for longest.  To the north west, showers will push in during the course of Saturday and with them, a much fresher feel to affairs.  The rain will make inroads further south and east but much of central and southern UK will remain dry into Sunday morning.  Temperature wise, 29 Celsius Saturday's maximum.

Saturday July 26th 2014


The weekend sees a stumble in the fine weather of late, with a little more unrest, and a cooling off in temperatures.  For Saturday, a lot more cloud around in general, with a liberal scattering of showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland.  England and Wales should stay essentially dry, but with plenty of cloud around, it will make for a rather dull and humid feel to the day.  The showers become less frequent on Sunday, generally pulling back northwards to give Northern Ireland a largely dry day.  Across England and Wales, more in the way of sunny spells.  Temperature wise, very warm on Saturday, with the warmth retreating south and east on Sunday, seemingly driven away by a lively north westerly wind.

Friday July 25th 2014


Another beautiful summer's day across the UK, with high pressure affording the country a very pleasurable run of weather.  Thursday will sport less in the way of cloud than Wednesday, (not that was any significant cloud around), with some areas seeing the sun rise and set unhindered.  In the sunshine, temperatures climb again to produce warmth nationwide followed by clear skies into Friday morning.  However, one area of concern late in the afternoon and into the evening is the south west of the country, where potentially some heavy downpours might be triggered.  Whilst the risk is real, the percentages are favouring the weather to hold and stay dry for the duration.

Thursday July 24th 2014


Summer is now in full stride and producing the kind of fine and dry weather that ought to be around for the time of year, adding proof to the argument that no one trend is in control of our seasons.  For Wednesday, perhaps a little coastal mist in places especially for Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the roasting July quickly dispenses with the greyness to leave a glorious day nationwide, under good spells of sunshine.   With just a fair breeze most noticeable to the east, temperatures for all cruise into the 70's during the afternoon and early evening, with overnight values to the far south just shy of 70 F itself.  However, in the afternoon heat, the risk of thunderstorm activity across the south will develop, the risk clearing mid to late evening.

Wednesday July 23rd 2014


A fine run of weather ended last week with some spectacular thunderstorm activity across a fair portion of the country, but the sting that was taken out of the heat was only temporary, and this week the warm temperatures are once again knitting together nicely to form a consistent run.  With values continuing to hit the late 20's Celsius, Friday and Saturday, (as with last week), look prime candidates to see thunderstorm activity and this time, perhaps more of a jolt before the heat rebuilds.  High pressure still seems to have the upper hand by the end of the month and into August, but within the system a distinct decay, readily allowing for rain to make more than just a fleeting visit.

Tuesday July 22nd 2014