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Site Last Updated:  Wednesday August 27th 2014 - 9.25 a.m.

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Thursday August 28th to Sunday August 31st
Forecast Latest:  An improving picture with a fair amount of dry weather around, far outweighing any rainfall.  Average temperature - 18C/64F

Autumn Long Range Forecast Released - Sunday August 24th 2014


A largely settled day across the UK on Wednesday with some good spells of sunshine developing during the morning across the north west, through central areas, and to the south east.  By the afternoon, cloud will build and as we head into the evening, rain will advance into the far south west, pushing its way to surrounding areas during the night.  Meanwhile, September has been dangling a 'settled weather scenario' carrot for a while, withdrawing it at times, but now seemingly once again tempting us with the prospect of better weather.  The start and end of the month looking the most likely periods to show settled conditions.

Wednesday August 27th 2014


A vastly improved day across the rain hit areas endured during Bank Holiday Monday, but still some issues to the south and south east for a time.  Again, the best of the weather will be across Scotland during Tuesday, with some glorious late summer sunshine around.  Northern Ireland, Wales, northern and central parts of England will readily join in as the day progresses, leaving just initially the south, then the south east, to see off the remainder of the heavy rain.  Here for a time, difficult conditions will continue on the roads, as commuters return to work.  Temperature wise, 20 or 21 Celsius at best on Tuesday, with a lively easterly wind gradually easing down.

Tuesday August 26th 2014


A pretty diabolical Bank Holiday Monday across the southern half of the UK, with the north coming out on top by a significant distance.  To the south then, an area of rain will plod in during the day, heavy and persistent in nature, making for some difficult driving conditions on the roads and some generally a disappointing day for holidaymakers.  The rain may turn a little more patchy to the west as the day progresses, but expect no favours in what will be a miserable day.  Across Northern Ireland and northern parts of England, a reasonable day, a few showers but essentially dry.  Scotland will have the best of the weather though by a fair margin, dry with some good spells of late August sunshine.  Temperatures are woeful at best - enough said.

Monday August 25th 2014