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Autumn 2014:  A Typical British Autumn.


High pressure will have some intermittent say in September, but for the most part, a rather mobile month with dry phases of weather mixed in with wetter ones.  The opening half of the month will potentially offer some good spells of drier weather with accompanying sunshine, with the second half probably leaning towards being more damp, with some possible storm activity.  Bar the occasional surge of warmth, nothing too dramatic is expected temperature wise.  Rainfall is expected to be on or slightly below average, with temperatures on or below average.


October looks likely to offer a similar mix although over all, perhaps a lean to drier and colder conditions.  Therefore, expect another mixture with the Atlantic possibly generating not as much wet and windy weather as it could do, with any high pressure lingering a lot longer, delivering dry but rather chilly days, in turn yielding early morning mist, and frost activity.  Across the north, colder air could provide harbor for snow activity over higher levels.  A drier than average month is expected, with temperatures on or around the average.


November sees more intervention from the Atlantic, so a more turbulent month is expected with frequent rain and wind events.  The south west perhaps enduring some very wet spells of weather.  In with the rain, some colder snaps of weather, perhaps again leading to snowfall over higher ground to the north.  Intermittent though they may be, there will be some fog and frost activity.  On balance, rainfall is expected to be above to well above the average, with temperatures on the average.


Sunday August 24th 2014